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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do I have to pay for your Contact list?

    The extremely low fee we charge is what we pay in hosting fee's and helps us keep this website running to offer people like you looking for work companies that are hiring now.

  2. How many companies are on your list of contacts?

    We offer a huge list of over 100 plus offshore boat company contacts and 200 plus Offshore drilling company contacts for you to call.

  3. Where are most of the companies located on your contact list?

     The offshore Boat companies are mostly in La, Tx,  But they do operate Global.  The Offshore Drilling companies are Global.

  4. Do I need a TWIC card before I can work?

    Yes, All companies require you to have a TWIC card before they will hire you.   If you don't have one then apply for one now.  A link to apply for TWIC is available on our website

  5. Could I get a job as a deckhand or drilling rig if I don't have any experience?

    Yes, Many companies on our contact list hire first time deckhands & Floorhands, roustabouts and train you.  We all started that way.

  6. Do you guarantee that I will get a job from your contact list?

    No, We don't guarantee anything. You must put the effort into calling the companies on our contact list.  All we offer is the tools to help you.

  7. If I purchase your list of contacts, Would I have access to any updates and new companies added ?

    Yes, Once you purchase our contact list you will be given a link on the paypal thanks for your purchase page to sign up as a new member on our members area. You will have lifetime access to our contact list and any updates we do.

  8. Do you offer a refund if I decide I don't want your contact list anymore?

    No, Once you purchase our list of contacts we don't refund anything.  Before you purchase our contacts make sure its what you want.

  9. Can I send my resume to yall?

    No, we dont hire anyone or get anyone a job.  All we do is offer you our list of contacts for you to call.  Stop wasting your time sending out resumes.

  10. How do I contact yall if I have a question ?

    Most of the questions people ask are on the FAQ.  If your question isn't answered on the FAQ then leave us a voicemail and we will post it on the FAQ.

  11. Can yall call me to explain more about the jobs?

    No, we don't call you, When you leave us a voice mail, We will answer any questions you have on the FAQ.   I will explain our contact list,  You purchase our list.  You sign up in our members area to retrieve our list. You start making phone calls as soon as you can to obtain a job.

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